Dark Legion's Rules & Protocols


The Law of the Land


There are 21 ranks, each person is to be treated equally and fairly.

In this gaming community a person is not a hacker until proven a hacker.

Any person may be denied membership to this community for any reason, such as but not limited to: past history, clan hopping, creating a new clan, and attempting to ruin this community.


Forum Rules


Main Rules

  • Spamming or flooding the forums is not tolerated.
  • Disrespectful content is not acceptable, this includes but is not limited to: racial slurs, racial remarks, and excessive profanity. This degrades the unity of the community and results in suspension.
  • All threads on the message board are required to be posted under the appropriate forums. (eg: Main forum, Off Topic, Gaming Forums, etc.)
  • Sympathy posts are not allowed, these include, but are not limited to, "Should I stay with clan?" and "I've been reprimanded and I don't think it is fair" posts. Please take these issues up in private with a General.
  • Non-members receive less leniency. Warnings are not guaranteed and a first offense may result in full banishment.


Privileged Forums

People who are higher ranked have more privileges over enlisted members, such as Officer Forums. These forums are private for a reason, the discussions in these forums are to remain private, and Officers are restricted from discussing it with non-Officers. Breaching this rule may result in removal from the status given, and a demotion, this covers the Administration, Recruiter, Co-Leader, CAL, TWL, and any special forums.


Forum pictures

The person in the picture must be clothed enough to not show any pubic hair or genitalia; or wearing clothing that a is see-through, or wearing clothing that depicts pubic hair and/or genitalia, irregardless if that person is covering parts of their bodies with other body parts including hair, hands, arms, legs. This includes links to other sites, directly posted images, avatars, signatures, floating images, any images shared through a medium owned or ran by Dark Legion. Other images: Images such has hangings, lynchings, burnings, stomps, draggings, rape, torture, dead bodies, mutilated bodies, animal cruelty or highly suggestive pictures of anything mentioned are also not allowed. The only exception to "other images" is if it is linked to a credible news website article that is itself not endorsing such said activities/images.





Any member who has been proven a hacker will suffer severe disciplinary actions, ranging from several demotions to disablement depending on previous history and offenses.



Neither sexual, racial, religionist, taunting or personal harassment will be tolerated. The first offense renders a warning; the second, demotion(s) or even disablement according to history and previous offenses. We are a gaming community here to have fun, we are not here to harm.


Name Change

Name changes are not usually allowed, but if you must change your name you must contact any General once you get their permission use that name to log into the site in the future.



Please obey and follow all of these global rules, they are here to help and better the community, not to restrain you from your personal freedoms.

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