Commanders lead the clan. They have complete access to all clan resources including the administrative elements that website maintenance requires, servers, etc. They have the ability to dictate, demote, disable and decide at will. They lead the staff of generals and administrate Dark Legion.

Demoted to: General.

Generals are the Commander's right hand men. They have full access to bots, forums and whatever other resources are necessary to perform full day-to-day operations of the clan. They are willing to assist any member, or tend to any clan need at just about any time of the day. If the Commander met with tragedy, one of the Generals would replace him.

Promoted to: Commander.
Demoted to: Lieutenant General.

Lieutenant General
Lieutenant Generals are comparable to Major Generals with the added duty of overseeing the enlisted ranks. Lt. Generals are expected to have the experience needed to make decisions in most situations without asking superior officers, as opposed to Brig. Generals and Maj. Generals who may have to from time to time. Lt. Generals also have the ability to set rank, therefore this is a highly trusted position.

Promoted to: General.
Demoted to: Major General.

Major General
A Major General's main function is to take care of the enlisted ranks. Ranks are not always awarded automatically and it is their duty to make sure members feel like it is automatic. Major Generals have more experience than Brigadier Generals and have been generals longer, as well as proven total loyalty and the ability to follow protocol.

Promoted to: Lieutenant General.
Demoted to: Brigadier General.

Brigadier General
Brigadier Generals are the ones walking through the doorway of general-ship. Brigadier Generals help all the recruiters to ensure new recruits are settled properly. They should be active on the forum, as well as in gaming.

Promoted to: Major General.
Demoted to: Colonel.

Colonels are potential generals, or generals-in-training. They help all lower ranking members with everything they can and report directly to the generals. Colonels should be the people everyone likes and hard workers, but also an active gamer.

Promoted to: Brigadier General.
Demoted to: Lieutenant Colonel.

Lieutenant Colonel
Lt. Colonels are much like Majors except that they look through more members. Mainly, they look over the new recruits, but also help the Majors with checking the enlisted. They also recommend promotions/demotions and help promote clan activity by hosting tournaments or events.

Promoted to: Colonel.
Demoted to: Major.

From the rank of major on up, gaming activity may decrease because clan duties may start to interfere. Majors go through the members to make sure they are legitimate, and sometimes help the Captains with their duties.

Promoted to: Lieutenant Colonel.
Demoted to: Captain.

Captains are like a sugar sifter; they get out the bad and let the good keep on coming. Captains are to check that recruits are decent and up to par, not to mention legit. Captains help 1st and 2nd Lieutenants that may have problems with recruiting. They also go through the Sergeant Majors and find who would be good for an officer.

Promoted to: Major.
Demoted to: 1st Lieutenant.

1st Lieutenant
1st Lieutenants are 2nd Lieutenants with upgrades. They know more of what is going on, are more active/reliable, help members and recruits. 1st Lieutenants and 2nd Lieutenants should work together very closely as a team for recruiting.

They are responsible for bringing new blood to Dark Legion and guiding the 2nd Lieutenants to do the same.

Promoted to: Captain.
Demoted to: 2nd Lieutenant.

2nd Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenants are the members that have chosen to try and lead the clan. 2nd Lieutenants are very similar to 1st Lieutenants, except they are newer to the officer ranks. These members have shown extreme dedication throughout their Enlisted period. 2nd Lieutenants should also try to help the 1st Lieutenants recruit and check members.

Must attain the rank of Lance Corporal or higher (1 Month).
Promoted to: 1st Lieutenant.
Demoted to: Sergeant Major.

Sergeant Major
Must be promoted manually by a 1st Lieutenant or higher. This is the first 'earned' rank in Dark Legion.

Promoted to: 2nd Lieutenant.
Demoted to: Master Gunnery Sergeant.

Master Gunnery Sergeant
Days required to achieve rank: 1,095 (3 Years).
Promoted to: Sergeant Major.
Demoted to: 1st Sergeant.

1st Sergeant
Days required to achieve rank: 730 (2 Years).
Promoted to: Sergeant Major.
Demoted to: Master Sergeant.

Master Sergeant
Days required to achieve rank: 365 (1 Year).
Promoted to: First Sergeant.
Demoted to: Gunnery Sergeant.

Gunnery Sergeant
Days required to achieve rank: 168 (6 Months).
Promoted to: Master Sergeant.
Demoted to: Staff Sergeant.

Staff Sergeant
Days required to achieve rank: 112 (4 Months).
Promoted to: Gunnery Sergeant.
Demoted to: Sergeant.

Days required to achieve rank: 56 (2 Months).
Promoted to: Staff Sergeant.
Demoted to: Corporal.

Days required to achieve rank: 28 (1 Month).
Promoted to: Sergeant.
Demoted to: Lance Corporal.

Lance Corporal
Days required to achieve rank: 21 (3 Weeks).
Promoted to: Corporal.
Demoted to: Private First Class.

Private First Class
Days required to achieve rank: 14 (2 Weeks).
Promoted to: Lance Corporal.
Demoted to: Private.

Privates (Recruits) are newly recruited members, they have no duties but to game and have fun.
Promoted to: Private First Class.

All members

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